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About Stadiumcribs

Stadium Cribs was formed in Marietta, GA in January of 2012 by Lyle Richardson and Kevin Kruger, two long time friends. Lyle had come up with a product concept of turning baby cribs into stadiums, but knew he would need help bringing the product to market. The first and only call he made was to his best friend Kevin Kruger, and they decided they were going to do this endeavor together. Approximately six weeks prior to the release of the baby bedding set, a product Stadium Cribs no longer makes, Lyle called Kevin with a much brighter idea. The idea was Stadium Pet Beds, and about a year later, Stadium Cribs became synonymous with the coolest pet bed ever made when stadiumcribs.com launched the pet bed in November of 2013. Kevin and Lyle are still close friends, are heavily involved in the company today, and still love the look on people's faces when they see a Stadium Crib for the first.

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